Praise for Razia

"Razia is an excellent choice of book for anyone who wants to know more about the issue of modern-day slavery. It provides an insight into the issue with an entertaining read of drama and unexpected romance. Filled with characters you will love and characters you will hate, the book is a real page-turner."
- Desi Blitz

“I read Razia in one day as I simply couldn't put it down. Abda Khan is an amazing writer bringing awareness on modern day slavery and human trafficking.”
- Relentlessly Purple

“The author does a fantastic job of creating a tense, taut story that focuses a spotlight on a formidable problem. I quickly found myself swept up in the tale, wondering how our protagonists were going to survive taking on a system that was ancient, evil, powerful and deeply rooted.”
- All About Romance

"In Razia, Abda Khan brings us a fast-paced and multi-layered thriller, which exposes the truths behind some very, very dark secrets…It is non-stop and I really didn’t want to put it down."
- Girl Meets Book

"This novel is a compelling thriller with a conscience and I was impressed that both aspects of the story complement each other, adding to its strengths overall. I never felt as though I was being lectured about slavery or that the thrilling narrative detracted from the seriousness of its subject. Yet, when I finished reading Razia, I had been educated and entertained, and inspired to find out more about this issue on the real world. It's a cleverly balanced novel with powerful sense of authenticity."
- Literary Flits

"I literally raced through this novel, not wanting to put it down, because I had to know what happened."
- From The Inside

"From the start of the book to the last page it is clear that the topic of domestic slavery and human trafficking is an important issue for the author. The story reads all too authentic. Well researched. And Razia’s heart-breaking tale outraged me, as it should. It was an upsetting story, a sad story but an important one about a subject that should be discussed more. I hope this book gets the readership it deserves."
- One More Word

"This book moved me and opened my eyes to something that I know must be going on somewhere near me."
- Marmottan Reads

"This was a very detailed look at modern Pakistani life in particular, which is something I had never seen before."
- Book Anon

"This is a novel that deserves a wide readership and I hope it gets it."
- NB Magazine

Praise for Stained

“Stained, draws readers in with the effortless combination of an intense storyline that is tinged with elements of the unexpected. Khan’s skillful characterization facilitates a relationship with the heroine, and allows the reader to become immersed in her world.”
--Asian Lite News, UK

“Khan is a fresh voice in British-Asian literature. Stained is fast-paced and enjoyable. Selina is deep and impressive.”
—Raavi Magazine

“"Stained is a gripping read. 10/10 would read again."
--Muslimah Media Watch

"It’s a very well-written book, engaging and definitely recommendable. Riveting descriptions bring the story to life, especially in the most emotive passages...definitely a page turned that will keep you hooked".
-Eastern Eye, UK

"Through the compelling plot and carefully structured narrative, Khan gives voice to women whose stories are rarely heard and raises a series of complex and challenging cultural, social and moral questions.”
---Yorkshire Post, UK

ABDA KHAN Writer ~ Speaker 

“Khan’s characterisation and dramatic plot speak for women who currently do not have a voice at all, and expose the traumatic abuse faced by women in many cultures.”
--South Asian Post, Canada

“Khan (has been praised) for her simple style, eloquence and honest storytelling. Her authenticity and down-to-earth approach to a compelling and emotional story are brave and refreshing.”
-Anokhi Media, Canada

"The prose throughout was melodic and, though dark at points, maintained a poetic beauty I admire. Though this is first person narrative from Selina's perspective, I feel Abda Khan painted the rest of the characters in ways that made them live and breathe from the pages...this book touched me deeply...
--Betwixt the Pages Review

“Stained is a vitally important novel for the British Asian community. It unearths truths that have long simmered beneath the surface, and Khan is extremely brave to bring them to light.”
-Desi Blitz, UK

"Thoroughly enjoying reading Stained. Fast paced, complex and heartbreaking." ​

---Irenosen Okojie, Author 

"Khan has written a contemporary Tess of the D’Urbervilles, a heart-wrenching and engrossing tale that challenges the definition of morality through the story of a wronged young woman fighting to come to terms with harsh realities and finding empowerment along the way."

— Booklist, Caitlin Brown 

"Selina is a superb character - very easy to like and empathise with, and her voice feels completely natural and real. I also love the way Abda has woven in the various strands about culture and identity, and the cultural clash that takes place in the homes and hearts of South Asian families in Britain. The differing viewpoints of Selina and her mother come across very sharply, but with a warmth that's often lacking. I found the story to be dark and shocking in places, but this only added to my enjoyment of it. Stained showcases what, for me, is the often almost hopeless reality of life for so many girls, and the ending, although sad, is refreshingly honest and real. I love that it's set in Bradford and Brum, and that Abda has left no stone unturned, especially in dealing with patriarchy and the predatory nature of some men. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

—Bali Rai, British Author.